Lagos Pastor Arrested For Crime Against Humanity

A pastor in one of the orthodox churches in Lagos, Moses Edwin, has been arrested by the police in Lagos on Friday, April 14, for stealing $500 belonging to a customer while trying to convert $5,000 into naira.

Premium Times reports that 50-year-old Edwin who is also a bureau de change operator was arrested beside Airport Hotel, Ikeja, alongside another member three days after stealing $500 from $5,000 bills presented to them by one Adebayo Lookman for conversion into naira.

AIT News gathered that Lookman assisted his mother in the exchange of $5,000 to naira by driving to Airport Hotel where he met Mr. Edwin. Edwin had promised to change the money for him at the rate of N387 to a dollar.

He thereafter invited another member of his gang, Daniel Ebhohimen, who together while confirming the dollars removed $500 before handing over $4500 back to unsuspecting Lookman in his car.

According to Mr. Lookman: “They were mid-way into the counting when another member of the gang distracted me from the driver side of my car. Thereafter, they handed back the money to me that it was complete and we headed to one of the banks in Opebi.

“We entered the bank. All along they prevented me from counting the money. At the bank, they told me the rate they gave me was no longer possible and that they were backing out, but I offered for a renegotiation.

“I told them to excuse me and I went into the gent to confirm the money. I counted it and $500 was missing. Before I could come out they had run away. The door attendant told me he saw them rushing out of the bank. I went to where I met them but I couldn’t see them. It was the third day that I saw Edwin and I invited the police.”

Edwin acknowledged the crime, adding that he was given N10,000 from the deal. He thereafter assured the police that his gang was ready for amicable settlement by paying back the missing $500. The two suspects have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department for further investigations.

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