IPOB Releases New Biafra Map, Reveals 12 Nigerian States They Want

The Biafran struggle has been on the minds of many Nigerians recently. This is partly because Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra has kept the struggle up, despite his detention by the Nigerian government.

The question, what do Biafrans really want is one many have asked. The map of states the Biafrans want includes the former Eastern region of Nigeria, which was inhabited principally by Igbo people.

Biafra has been commonly divided into four main sections: the Igbos, the Ibibio-Efiks, the Ijaws and the Ogojas.

If the Biafran agitation is a success, below are the states that will stop being in Nigeria:

These are the states that will leave Nigeria:

1. Abia

2. Anambra

3. Akwa Ibom

4. Bayelsa

5. Enugu

6. Ebonyi

7. Imo

8. Delta

9. Rivers

10. Cross River

11. Igbanke in Edo

12. Southern part of Benue state

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