“Nigeria Will Never Break Up, Here Is Why”

No bad idea is repeated as constantly as the notion that the solution to chronic violence in Nigeria is for her to “break up.”

The case for Nigeria’s disintegration surfaces routinely after tragic episodes of violence and has emerged following the recent increase in sectarian terrorism. Some perspective is necessary.

Since the days before the Civil War, beating the drums of separatism has become a sort of pre-programmed response to national calamity. Rumours of our impending divorce attended the 1964 elections, the June 12 1993 crisis, the death of Moshood Abiola in 1998 and the Sharia controversy in 2001.

In 1990, a gang of over-ambitious soldiers attempting to oust the Babangida regime even purported to evict five northern states from the federation.

Thus, current debates about the durability of Nigeria are nothing new.

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