Prophetess Says Apostle Suleman Is A Fake Pastor, Claims God Showed Her THIS (Video)

A video showing a self-confessed prophetess, Princess, saying some unbelievable things about Apostle Johnson Suleman has hit the internet.

Describing Omega Fire Ministry general overseer as fake, Princess alleged that he has murdered many people spiritually.

Opening the can of worms further, she alleged that the marriage vows between Apostle Suleman and his wife had been broken after giving an illustration of the prophesy of two hands showed to her by God. She also said ”Johnson Suleman helps families of those he killed for ritual purposes and they will never suspect him.”

The prophetess who claimed to have not met both Suleman and Stephanie Otobo before, presented a seven paged prophesies she claimed was revealed to her by God within one month.

According to her:

“This is a revelation from God to men of God especially Suleman Johnson. I have been willing to release this video for a month now because the Lord has instructed me to do it. I needed to be sure its coming from God and I have gotten a lot of confirmation.

“Today the Lord said what he has revealed to me concerning Suleman Johnson, I should say it to the whole world so that they would know.

“In due time, the other Ministers of God who are not working according to his will, the Lord has revealed them all to me. I know you by your name but in due time the Lord said I should tell you, you all need to repent or face calamity.

“I want to tell you everything. Nothing but the truth on what God has revealed to me in the past one month. Nothing is added, nothing is separated. I have seven pages here. These are what God has showed to me over one month with the dates attached to it.

“The day-one of the revelation was my encounter with Suleman Johnson. I don’t know him in real life, I don’t know Stephanie Otobo. On the 30 of March, the Lord revealed Suleman Johnson’s atrocities to me. He showed me what his members and the world do not know about Suleman Johnson.

“God also showed me that Stephanie’s mother has been killed spiritually. She was killed the day she entered Suleman Johnson’s church. Suleman has killed so many people in order to obtain more power and influence in the society. God said Suleman Johnson is not a true servant of God, and he is not working for him. That he does not know him and he has a master called Satan.

“God told me that Apostle Suleman’s gifts to the people and members of his church have a spiritual effect on them. He told that the gifts are used in exchange of the people’s destiny. He said people receiving gifts from Suleman Johnson are spiritually dead. They are initiated into satanic occult kingdom. All his members are spiritually dead. All his members are all living corpse. They are now demons.

“Suleman Johnson helps the families of those he killed for ritual purposes and they will never suspect him.”

Watch the video below:


  1. Gods Mandate

    April 29, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Madam prophetess, you are now the only Gods servants that He can talk to. Prophetess with out name, who made you judge? Beware of imminent destruction. Dear people of the Lord mind what you watch on screen and read on peppers, screen. These are the signs of end time.

  2. UMUEDAFE BEST (@Vwoke_Best)

    May 22, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    These are signs of the end time. The bible taught me not to judge. The just judge, creator of the heaven and the earth is the only authorised one to do so. People should mind what they utter from their mouth. Be warned.

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