Buhari Should Resign And Go Back To His Family For Proper Care – Kastina Chieftain

A resident of Kastina state – President Muhammadu Buhari’s home state – have raised their concerns over the health status of the president.

The resident said it has become pertinent that the presidency take the bull by the horn and allow President Buhari resign and attend to his health.

Speaking on the president’s health, the chairman of the National Conscience Party (NCP), Kastina state chapter Abdulmumini Shehu Sani said due process must be observed in handling the affairs of the nation.

Sani said those playing with the health condition of President Buhari are only bent on destroying the nation and the president himself.

He said: “In whatever situation of life, health matters and you cannot lead without proper health. You cannot be a dictator or mentor without proper and adequate health. And you cannot think and do the right thing without health.”
Kastina residents raise concerns over Buhari’s death

Abdulmumini Shehu Sani said the president cannot hold Nigerians and Nigeria to ransom with his health condition

He said one can only exhibit the desired courage to lead Nigeria when he is in good health.

“Let’s look at Nigeria as a whole that comprises over 180 million people, inasmuch as the leader is incapable based on his health status, let us follow the rule of law constitutionally for him to resign,” Sani said.

His incapacitation cannot take us anywhere. It is better for him to resign. I can call him my father because he was a school mate to my late father, Shehu Sani, at the Government College, Katsina. But the truth is the Nigerian constitution should not be manipulated to favour one person.

“If we want to be fair to ourselves, he should resign, he is not the only one that can lead Nigeria to the right direction. Let him resign and go back to his family so that he can receive proper medications so that he will be free from the burden of tension from Nigerians and recover,” he said.

Also speaking from Duara – President Buhari’s hometown – a man who called for prayers for the president Malam Abba Mato said he decided to pray for him as prescribed by Islam.

He also allayed fears that the circumstance surrounding President Buhari’s health can be likened to that of late Umaru Yar’Adua who was also from Kastina state.

Mato said: “The case of President Buhari is different in the sense that this government is open government. When Buhari was going out of the country, he wrote to the National Assembly notifying the lawmakers that he would be going for vacation and from there he would see his doctor.

“Again, his sickness is normal considering his age – over 70 years.

“You have to thank Almighty Allah for a President of this age to be performing well. It is not surprising that some people are peddling rumours that President Buhari is dead. Even in your community or home, you will see people who wish you good and those who wish you bad,” Mato added.

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  1. Dauda Na'Abba

    May 9, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Where were you when Yar”aduwa was president? Nobody heard of you until now. You may come from the same state but let me tell you that PMB is beyond Katsina state or even Nigeria.He is an international asset.B”cos he is one of the leaders in this world that deserve been emulated.Healthy or not healthy.death only comes when it is time to die. There are many leaders in this world that are as sick but still retained their position as leaders. All in recognition of their achievements to the country. I know of the leader that was in commer for more than a year and nobody talk of putting him aside. It is unfortunate that people here do not know the value of their leaders until they a harsh leader, that is when they will start saying this saying that or even praying to God for a good leader when they did not appreciate what God gave them as a test.

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