Nigerian Lady Blasts Teachers Who Teach Students That Men Are Head Of Family

Ladies have no chills this days. I mean, what is the fuss really about? Ladies go to church and believe the words in the bible and yet when you mention that man is the head of the family, they pick offence. What is happening in our world today?

Facebook user, Tina Michelle Obiora, seems not to be concurring to this norm in Nigeria that a man is the head of the family and has advised teachers, social studies teachers actually to desist from teaching students such ‘Nonsense’.

See her post below and people’s reactions

‘Social studies teachers should stop teaching our kids that fathers are head of the home! I didn’t send my daughters to school for a teacher who is still stuck in stone age to teach them to accept patriarchy as a norm! We need to start suing schools! Nonsense!!! MUM AND DAD ARE THE HEAD! Milly’

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