“5 Reasons Why We Take And Post Selfies”

Is there’s anyone up in here that do not take selfies? Lemme see your hands up….. Nobody? I thought as much. We all do. In fact, some more than others. Some people can barely go a day without taking one. OEM’S understands this that’s why they make Smartphones with awesome camera; like Google pixel, iPhone 7 and even the Tecno Camon CX that I’m using to post this. These Smartphones make taking selfies fast and easy and they come out crystal clear.

Here are 5 reasons that fuel our desire to take and post selfies.

1. We want to be loved

Humans crave validation. When we post a selfie for the World to see, we eagerly await for the likes and comments to show up from family, friends and strangers. We stick around for a few minutes after posting them and refresh the page like our lives depends on it just to see how quickly they start rolling in. Why? Because these likes and comments make us feel loved and.

2. For Validation

Humans crave validation. Those aforementioned likes and comments also make us feel accepted it provide an added sense of validation that can help the way we view ourselves. “I posted a picture of my face and 50 people liked it! Wow! Maybe they think I’m cool, good-looking, fun or maybe they want to slide in my DM?!” These are the sort of things run through our minds. Maybe we just want to know that someone else cares about us, that they see us or that we matter.

3. For Confidence

Taking a selfie where you can recognise all your beautiful physical characteristics can have a pretty positive effect on your mood.

4. To Capture The Moment.

There are instances in which we want to capture a moment, for our own memory or to share with others. A selfie is part of the experience and it can enhance the moment.

5. Everyone’s Doing It, So Why Shouldn’t 1?

Everywhere you look on the internet, there’s always a Selfie staring right back at you. Tens of Millions of photos are uploaded on social Media daily and a huge chunk of those are selfies. So, we’re like; why don’t we join in on the Craze! grin

why do you take selfies? Feel free to add yours.

So take that selfie today. You’re gorgeous! (Maybe)

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