“My Girlfriend Is 2 Weeks Pregnant, I Asked Her To Keep It But She Wants Abortion”

Good day.

I’ve been reading stories as a guest and I decided to register today to share my own story that has been bothering me. l had unprotected sex with my gf and she called last week to say that her period is 10 days late, I know we had sex and I came inside her so I asked her to go for a pregnancy test so we can be sure.. The test was done on Saturday and the results came yesterday that it’s positive and shes 2 weeks gone.

I know abortion is a sin and I’ve asked her to keep it but she refused, she said she doesn’t want to be a disgrace to her family, that none of her sisters have gotten pregnant before marriage so why should she be the one,I’ve pleaded all I can and it seems her mind is made up, so I need you all to tell me the drug we can use safely.


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