US Set To Jail Nigerian Woman Over Sham Marriage

Euphemia Chinyeaka Okeke, a Nigerian woman, faces a 10-year jail term in the US after admitting that she married a Houston man to unlawfully obtain citizenship.

According to NAN, Abe Martinez, a US attorney, said Okeke admitted to marrying a Houston resident and US. citizen while in Nigeria.

It was learnt that Okeke applied for an immigrant visa and alien registration based on the false marriage and after gaining access to the US married one Kenneth Okeke, a Nigerian, and settled in Louisville instead of Houston.

She had testified under oath that since arriving the US, she had continuously lived in Houston with her purported husband.

After becoming a naturalised citizen on September 14, 2011, Okeke filed for divorce two weeks later and married her Nigerian husband.

She also filed a petition for alien relative in an attempt to obtain lawful immigration status for him.

But under oath, she claimed that she was divorced two years before and that she had lived and worked in Louisville since arriving in the US.

Melinda Harmon, US district judge, handling the case accepted her plea and has fixed August 4 for ruling on the matter.

Kenneth, her husband, is currently in deportation proceedings.

Okeke, faces not only prison time, but a possible revocation of her citizenship.

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