Founded in December 1996, Africa Independent Television is the second largest commercial television network in Africa, broadcasting the most talked about television and making a major contribution to Africa’s culture, economy and communities. Its programming mix includes more on the top entertainment, soaps, drama, lifestyle, news and sport shows.


1. To enhance global understanding
2. Committed to the task of bridging the gap in global information disequilibrium.
3.To promote a methodical reduction of tension, frictions and foster a greater
appreciation of humanity.
4.To offer the world a new insight into the African experience through the encouragement of the African initiative and the attraction of investments and development to the continent.

AIT is motivated by uniquely altruistic aim to promote and methodical project Africa from an African perspective. AIT offers the world a new insight into the African experience. The mission is to enhance global understanding through an untainted appreciation of the world and its people.

AIT’s technological base is remarkable and revolutionary, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment in line with global standard. These have effectively positioned Africa Independent Television (AIT) in the league of global broadcast brands.

The programmes exclusively on AIT which has universal appeal and have impacted remarkably on the lives of the citizens of Nigeria particularly and the entire human race which is the constituency of the station are:

  1. News

AIT News, AIT News Hour, World News, AIT Reports, The Week in Review

  1. Current Affairs

Kaakaki, Focus Nigeria, Matters Arising, Inside The Parliament, Democratic License, Issues in the Niger Delta, Global Views Africa, Security Watch, Frontline

  1. Public Enlightenment

Customs Update, AIT Infotech Network, Policy on Trac

  1. Business

Money Show, Global Business, Business Africa

  1. Musicals

One Mic, Gbedu, Reel E, Shakatawa, Gbedu on the Move, Prime Time Africa, Musical Concerts – specials

  1. Sports

Sports Extra, Sports Today, Best of Sports, Sports File

  1. Women/Children

Healthy Moment, Leaders of Tomorrow, Cartoons, Our Lady’s Pride

  1. Magazine/Talk Shows

The Amazons, Bisi Olatilo Show (BOS)

  1. Soap Opera / Series(Uniquely AIT)

The Valley Between

  1. Cultural

Mini Jojo & Oro to nlo – Yoruba Language, Yakpotuba – Igbo Language, Ido – Hausa Language, Enjoyment Yafun Yafun – Pidgin English.

  1. Tourism (Cultural & Historic Tourism Programme)

Goge Africa

The station also collaborates with some International Television Stations, International Organizations, Nigerian Organizations and Content Providers/Independent Producers for some other programmes that are also aired on AIT i.e. Comedy, Sitcoms, Documentaries, Sporting Events etc.


In recognition of the contribution of DAAR Communications Plc and its various stations including the resourceful, dynamic and the exemplary professionalism exhibited by the Human Resources capital of the Organization to the development of the country and indeed the African continent at large, through the instrumentality of the broadcast media, several local, national and international awards and medals have been conferred on the Organization and some Staff amongst which are:

  1. European Market Research Centre

Euro Market Award 1999


  1. Loyalty & Justice International

Award of Excellence 2001



  1. Awards for Musical Excellence (AMEN)

Most Entertaining TV Stations of the Year (AIT) 2001


  1. United Nations Population Fund


  1. Federation of Nigeria Entertainment Industry (UK) Award – 2003


  1. Gold Medal for Excellence in Business Practice

(United Nations Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice Switzerland) 2004

  1. Nigeria Media Merit Award (NMMA)

National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Award

Television Station of the Year 2006


  1. National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria – 2007

Television & Radio Stations of the Year


  1. Nigeria Media Merit Award (NMMA)

National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)

Television Station of the Year 2011


  1. Star for Quality Award – DAAR Communications Plc

BID 2012 PARIS 2012


  1. Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Excellence Award

Best Environment Reporter – AIT

Best Health Reporter – AIT 2013

AIT’s Footprint

In the US and Americas, AIT is on DTH (Direct-to-home) platform of Echostar’s Dish Network. In Europe, the rest of Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean Basin and Asia, AIT is available on Hot bird 6 @13oE and in the UK, AIT is available on Euro bird that is co-located with Asia @28oE and sharing B-sky-B’s EPG platform.

  • Terrestrial Television Broadcast Network in the Thirty-Two states in Nigeria (AIT Network Station with Headquarters in Abuja)
  • Radio Broadcast Network in Nigeria Thirty-Two states in (RayPower Network Stations with Headquarters in Lagos)
  • International Satellite TV Operations in USA and 16 European countries
    • AIT International UK (Channel 187 on Sky Digital)
    • AIT International USA (on Dish Network)
  • AIT International (available across continental Europe on HotBird)
  • AIT International received across Africa (excluding South Africa)
  • AIT International received in the Far East and the Americas